The wine domain is the realised dream of Jan Six, son of Jean-Pierre Six, who grew up among the vines on Vineyard Monteberg. Symbolically, he planted the wine domain in 2021, 25 years after his father put the first vines in the ground. This makes the Monteberg wine estate the pioneer of West Flanders viticulture.

Jan and Stefanie chose to plant 1,310 vines with chardonnay: one of the typical champagne grapes. A decision that echoes in a wine lover’s ears. The specifically planted chardonnay is a grape that ripens early and is well suited to the Belgian climate.

From pruning to harvesting, they carry out the work in the vineyard all by themselves. The transformation from grape to (sparkling) wine is done professionally at Wine domain Monteberg. Whoever says sparkling wine, champagne or cava immediately thinks of bubbles. So it was no coincidence that Jan and Stefanie thought of Sefa Bubbles – the witches mistress of the Beselaar witches – who lived a little further down the road in the Reutel forrest. Sefa therefore proudly appears on the wine label.

Opposite the vineyard, you will find the perfect place to brush up on your knowledge of viticulture at Wine Resto Merlijn. This location offers the ideal setting to enjoy the final product among the vines. Meanwhile, let yourself be surprised by an intriguing explanation from wine sommelier Carine.

Tip: Follow the Facebook page of ‘Domein de Reutelvallei’ and keep up to date with important updates, including the timing of the harvest.

Address information

Longitude: 50.850216027377
Latitude: 3.0047846904907

0032 (0)494 47 32 65
[email protected]



    Peace Forest Estimated distance: 0.86 Km
    Buttes New British Cemetery Estimated distance: 1.09 Km
    Lowie’s Magic Witch Path Estimated distance: 1.12 Km