Many of the herbs in the planter are used in modern medicine today. They contain active substances that are very useful. The herbalists at the time learnt this information and refined it for years.

Needless to say, accidents also happened. The lack of correct scales and sometimes larger quantity of the working substances meant that the outcome could even be bad.

The information provided is not for medicinal purposes and is for information purposes only. The Municipality of Zonnebeke is not responsible for possible consequences due to uninformed use. Know that certain herbs or specific parts should not be consumed.

If the herbs are growing well, it is not forbidden to bring some herbs. We do ask that you do not dig out or move plants.

Species of herbs


  1. Artemisia absinthium
  2. Ruta graveolens
  3. Leucanthemum vulgare
  4. Polypodium vulgare


  1. Tanacetum parthenium
  2. Galium odoratum
  3. Achillea millefolium
  4. Calendula officinalis
  5. Melissa officinalis
  6. Echinaceae purpurea
  7. Persicaria affine


  1. Helleborus niger
  2. Convallaris majalis
  3. Geranium sanguineum
  4. Pulmonaria angustifolia ‘azurea
  5. Borago officinalis
  6. Vinca minor
  7. Mentha piperita
  8. Mentha spicata

Address information

Longitude: 50.84856416782
Latitude: 3.0259946468353



    Mentha Spicata Estimated distance: 0.00 Km
    Beselare witches’ parish Estimated distance: 0.02 Km
    St Martin’s church in Beselare Estimated distance: 0.07 Km