Beselare borough has been known as a sorceress parish for centuries. Of course, every village had a few punishing stories about witchcraft, witches, flying goats, …, but in Beselare, these stories were penned by a few folk writers and folklorists. It is especially Edward Vermeulen (Warden Oom) who made an important contribution here. The Beselaar witch legends are set in the 17th century. Ladies who keep wandering are Sefa Bubbels, Calle Bletters, Clette ‘t Aendegat, Babbe van d’Eijer Panders, Dokke van d’Heulebeke, Belle Fakke, Tanneken Vanhulle, Meele Crotte and Fyte Kwick.

Witches’ procession

In 1959 this culminated in a folk festival to grow into a real Witch Procession in 1963. In the meantime, this folkloric parade with more than 1,000 extras passes through the streets of Beselare every two years on the last Sunday of July (odd years). After all, on this day the ‘witches’ mistress – Sefa Bubbels’ – died. A few weeks before the procession, the many witch dolls colour the streets with the necessary playful scenes. Beselare exudes witches during this period. A walk through Beselare during this period is a real must. More info on the Witches’ procession.

Witches’ monuments and the Witches’ Weigh-ins

On the market square of Beselare you can find the Witches’ Monument, where the witch watches over you while stirring her magic pot. Dare to defy fate and stand on the Witches’ Watch. Perhaps the witches’ genes are not far off. At the Kortekeer roundabout you can also find Luc Lapere’s witch monument.

Witches’ table

Hidden behind the church of Beselare is the Witches’ Table, a small green corner with herbs, plants and peculiar symbols, created under the impulse of herbalist Gaby Vannieuwenhuyse. The pentagram and the circle are the two great symbols of magic and alchemy. The witch’s circle (circle) consists of box trees, magical trees, and the pentagram represents the four elements; fire, earth, water and air. A sundial and a table (altar) are also present. Wander around the garden and learn a lot about the different types of herbs.

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