Dirk Syx is the central figure and driving force behind the establishment of the wine domain. After a successful career in the IT sector, Dirk felt the urge to return to his roots as a farmer’s son. A decision that provided not only more peace of mind, but also a healthy dose of the great outdoors.

A long-standing love for wine makes him want to grow it himself. Thanks to the warming climate, he can realise this dream in Zonnebeke – the village where he grew up.

By early 2023, the wine estate contains 60,000 grape vines producing no less than 28 wines in total. He grows them together with his son-in-law Filip and a team of retired staff. It is an inclusive story in which every step of the process is carried out with care and love.

Fancy enjoying a delicious glass of wine? Then come taste it on the farmstead’s atmospheric wine terrace.

Intertwined with history

Den Nachtegael emphasises the importance of its location in Zonnebeke and dives back into the local history when it comes to the wines. Although Zonnebeke was already inhabited in the Stone Age, the first mentioning can only be found in 1072 under the name ‘Sinnebec’.

At that time, the Zonnebeke Abbey fulfilled an essential role in the development of the municipality. It provides work, faith, knowledge and also owns a large part of the congregation. The church ensures the spread of viticulture during the Middle Ages, necessary for its rituals.

Den Nachtegael names its wines after the abbots and nuns who populated the abbey. Each label features a personalised nightingale wearing clothes from that period.

Tip: Visit the abbey’s performance in Zonnebeke’s church tower for free.

Address information

Langemarkstraat 132
8980 Zonnebeke

0032 (0)475 41 01 88
[email protected]



    The Straw Route Estimated distance: 0.99 Km
    De Zonne Wijzer Estimated distance: 1.14 Km
    New Zealand Forces Memorial Estimated distance: 1.15 Km