That the word ‘altinus’ does not immediately ring a bell is no surprise. The name of the vineyard and the non-profit association behind it is derived from the West Flemish ‘alle tien vor us’, meaning ‘all ten for us’. By this, Altinus refers to the association’s ten board members. Together with about 30 volunteers, they take care of winter pruning, maintenance, harvesting and the winemaking process.

Altinus strives to work as ecologically as possible. For instance, they do not use herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and pests. Instead, the association deliberately chooses strong vines with high resistance. Only when necessary do they make limited use of fungicides to combat mould.

The Solaris grape ripens earlier than the Johanniter grape and naturally has less acidity and a higher sugar content. In summers with less good weather, the Solaris can be used to compensate for the higher acidity and lower sugar content of the Johanniter in a blend of both grapes. Both grapes are related to Riesling and Pinot Gris.

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Address information

Longitude: 50.841357474049
Latitude: 3.0222930386231

0032 (0)497 42 16 47
[email protected]



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