The crossing of the railway (Ypres-Roulers railway line) with Schipstraat was named ‘Daring Crossing’ by the British in 1917. A small railway company barracks stood there before the war.

In 1917, the German Flandern I position near ‘Thames Farm‘ crosses the railway line. It then follows the northern railway embankment up to this spot. From here it turns towards Tyne Cot Cemetery. A few posts and headquarters are set up near Seine Farm, at the present greenhouses a little further on.

During the war

On 4 October 1917, the position here was breached by the 3rd Australian Division. The 44th Battalion approaches its objective there behind a barrage. At Daring Crossing, a recognisable point in the mud landscape, the troops realise they have almost reached their objective. Just under 100 metres away, they maintain the front line so that the 41st Battalion can pass and attack, heading for their objective line.

During its advance, the 44th suffers relatively few losses from enemy fire. Under escort, many German prisoners of war are taken away. As the day progresses, distress calls are regularly signalled. As a result, they are often the target of enemy artillery. After a hot meal, the battalion is relieved.


In 2005, almost 90 years later, the foundations of two bunkers at Daring Crossing are uncovered. They were demolished around 1930, consist of three rooms and have an adjacent machine gun post. A trench must have provided the connection between them. Many items are found during the works. A rare cooling boiler, hundreds of shot shells and German equipment pieces come to the surface.

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