Imagine an enchanting path winding through lush forests, past babbling brooks and past ancient ruins. This is no ordinary hike, but an adventurous journey infused with history, culture and natural splendor – this is a themed hiking loop.

Along the way you will pass interesting sights, such as historical monuments, art installations, educational information points and vantage points that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

In Zonnebeke, you board 10 themed walks:

Nonnebossen walking route: 8 km
Tyne Cot Cemetery walking route: 8.5 km
Polygoonbos walking route: 9 km
Folklore walking route: 7 km
Witches walking route: 7,8 km
Zandvoorde walking route: 2.4 – 4.4 – 7.2 – 12 km
Geluveld walking route: 4,5 km
Canadian Road to Passchendaele: 6,7 km
New Zealand Road to Passchendaele: 8,3 km
Pioneer hiking trail: 11,7 km
Three of these trails are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Geluveld walking route: 2.6 km
Polygon Wood walking trail – 4.6 km
Tyne Cot Cemetery walking route: 5.8 km

Address information

Berten Pilstraat 5a
8980 Zonnebeke

+0032 (0)51 77 04 41
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