Zonnebeke put serious effort into its outdoor space in 2023 and invested in no less than eight new rest areas with a story. Because as a walker or cyclist, it’s good to be able to take a break during your outing!

For the realization of these resting points, the municipality was able to count on provincial support through various support programs. And there will soon be two more!

Discover the resting places one by one via the following links.

Resting place Tyne Cot Cemetery
Resting Point Wine Estate Den Nachtegael
Resting Point The Stroroute **shortly**
Resting Point Castle Domain Zonnebeke **shortly**
Resting Point The Polygoonbos
Resting Point De Reutelvallei
Rest Point Wine Domain De Reutelvallei
Resting Point The Magic Herb Garden
Resting Point The Witches’ Circle
Resting Point Wine Estate Altinus

Discover them all via the walking network!

Through a brand-new walking junction network that will open in the spring of 2024, every hiker will be able to determine his own route through junctions and thus integrate these rest points.


Toerisme Westhoek Grenzeloos genieten


Address information

Berten Pilstraat 5a
8980 Zonnebeke



    Thematic walking loops Estimated distance: 0.00 Km
    Castle domain Zonnebeke Estimated distance: 0.00 Km
    Long distance walks Estimated distance: 0.01 Km