The Witches’ Monument stands in the middle of the roundabout at the busy De Kortekeer intersection and is 5.5 metres high. Artist Luc Lapere sculpted it on behalf of the municipality of Zonnebeke.

The monument depicts a witch on a broom. Not an ugly witch like in the cartoons, but a very graceful and elegantly stripped woman.

Flying to freedom, Kortekeer roundabout

With the title “Flying to freedom”, artist Luc Lapere wants to honour the strong, resilient woman. “After all, every woman is born an angel, benign and not attracted to sin. However often their wings are broken and distorted by the social context in which they live. Yet they continue to fly, even if on a broom,” the artist said. “Women have been valued in a subordinate way for centuries due to an unequal power relationship with men.” The monument is 5.5 metres high and depicts a witch on a broom. The emphasis is on elegance.

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