Family quest
Since the time of the Romans, Zonnebeke has been considered an ideal place for a village. In the early Middle Ages an abbey was even built there. The park was owned by the abbey and provided food and income. Next to the abbey stood the castle of a famous knight. Unfortunately, its history has disappeared along with its castle. However, there is still a stone with his coat of arms. But where could it be hidden?

Go look for the stone in the park with the whole family. Through fun games you will learn more and more about the history of the park, the abbey and the disappeared castle. If you complete all the assignments correctly, you might find the mysterious stone with the coat of arms. If you find the stone, you will receive the honorary title ‘knight or damsel of Zonnebeke’.

  • Practical information
    Search brochure: The brochure is available at the Zonnebeke Tourism Office or the provincial visitors center De Palingbeek in Zillebeke.
  • Start: Zonnebeke Castle Domain / Zonnebeke Tourist Office
  • Distance: 2 to 3 km
  • The treasure hunt is not signposted.

Address information

Berten Pilstraat 5a
8980 Zonnebeke

T: 0032 (0)51 77 04 41


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