In the middle of the Polygon Forest lies ‘Scott Post’, a remarkable bunker ruin. It was cast into concrete in 1916 or 1917 by German troops in a wooden formwork and with iron armour. On 26 September 1917, the Third Battle of Ypres, the 56th Australian battalion took Scott Post. The bunker’s name would refer to their commander Lieutenant-Colonel Alan Humphrey Scott. He was killed near the butte on 1 October 1917. In total, there are remains of seven bunkers, of which Scott’s Post is the most important.

After the war

After the war, the Polygon Forest provided a safe environment to detonate the numerous ammunition left behind. To prevent too much flying around, the bunker was regularly packed with ammunition. Scott Post survived these explosions. Only the back wall was pushed out by the great pressure. Today, the construction has ecological value. Bats, for instance, find a good roost there. Via a footpath starting at the Polygoonbos car park, this unique construction is easily accessible.

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