The ‘Passchendaele Memorial Gardens’ project is part of the ‘Legacy of Passchendaele’ master plan. Part of this project is to reunite the two castle parks that have been separated since 1960. Around the picturesque 1933 manor house, the landscape park will be redesigned from June 2013. Landscape, recreation and education are guiding principles within the design.

Memory gardens in poppy form

Eight poppy-shaped gardens will be planted in the park. They are intended to be remembrance gardens for nations that fought during the First World War. A minimum of one newly planted garden was opened each year during 2014-2019.

Each poppy consists of three sub-gardens. They are commissioned by each participating country to be designed, laid out and address three themes of remembrance each time.

Practical information:

  • Can be guided

Address information

Longitude: 50.8698704
Latitude: 2.9914869

T: 0032 (0)51 77 04 41


  • Zonnebeke
  • Groups > 15p.
  • Individuals and groups < 15p.
  • Heritage
  • Nature
  • Sites
  • On the move
  • WWI
  • Drink facility
  • Guided
  • Handicapped accessible
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  • Shop/store
  • Toilet


Landscape at war Estimated distance: 0.00 Km
The Pou Maumahara – Pohutokawa Estimated distance: 0.19 Km
Wheelchair-accessible walking route: Polygon Wood Estimated distance: 0.21 Km