Augustine abbey in Zonnebeke

Augustine Abbey was a large abbey of the Regular Canons of the Order of St Augustine. Through a charter from Bishop Drogo of Terwaan and at the request of Fulpoldus, lord of Rollegem, a chapter of three canons was founded attached to the local Church of Our Lady in Zonnebeke.

History of the abbey

In 1142, the chapter was transformed into an abbey, seeking to live together in community according to the ‘Rule of Augustine’, based on poverty and discipline. Between 1143 and 1300, the abbey acquired hundreds of hectares of real estate heritage (from the North of France to the Coast). About half became the property of Zonnebeke Abbey.

Monastics lived here until the French Revolution. The abbey was dissolved by the law of 15 September 1796. In 1797, the buildings and grounds were sold. Afterwards, there was systematic rebuilding and demolition in function of the castle and park. Among other things, it became the mansion of the de Laveleye family and later of the Iweins family.

At its peak, the abbey had over 5,000 m² of buildings. Until the destruction of 1917, two buildings remained: The ruins of the abbot’s house converted into a castle and the neerhof with garden.


Nonnebossche Abbey, a women’s monastery of the Order of St Benedict, was probably founded in 1101. The monastery existed until the Geuzenberts. In 1583, it was transferred to Ypres.

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Latitude: 2.9883867972534

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