Flemings are big butter lovers. On bread or on a slice of gingerbread belongs ‘good’ butter. Even today, Westhoek farm butter is still made in the same way as 70 years ago.
Fresh cow’s milk
Westhoek farmstead butter is a recognised regional product made from fresh cow’s milk. The milk comes from cows of the red and white breed. As soon as weather permits, they graze on the tender pastures around the farm. In winter, they are fed hay, fodder beet and maize pulp produced on the farm.

The raw milk is skimmed and the cream is pasteurised. The cream is acidified and ripens under regular stirring for 18 hours. The acidified cream is then churned in the traditional way, producing butter and buttermilk.

The butter is manually kneaded to remove excess water and then formed into lumps.

Did you know…
Did you know that the colour of butter is determined by the season? Yes, in summer the butter is more yellow than in winter.

Sioen farm products
Hoeveproducten Sioen produces this traditional farm butter and distributes it to shops in Belgium.

Practical information

  • Contact details: T0032 (0) 57 20 14 40 or T0032 (0) 477 84 50 27 or via [email protected]

Address information

Zonnebeekseweg 170
8900 Ieper

T0032 (0)57 20 14 40
[email protected]


  • Zonnebeke
  • Regional product


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