In 1978, Passendale’s master cheesemakers, thanks to their unique knowledge and experience, developed a totally new cheese in the form of a traditional farm bread. To this day, Passendale is still traditionally made according to original recipe. The Passendale ball is made manually and naturally in linen cloths under the watchful eye of the ‘cheese masters’. This is what gives Passendale its unique round shape.
Creamy cheese with slow maturation
Its beautiful white (edible) rind and creamy texture are the result of a natural and slow maturation in the maturing cellar. Passendale is a 100% natural cheese with no preservatives, made with local milk and a lot of love and patience. Its very mild and gentle flavour is appreciated by young and old alike.

The creamy cheese with golden yellow rind is shaped like a farmhouse bread with an airy hole structure. Its soft texture and full flavour make it ideal as a snack or to combine with a mild red wine or a nice beer.

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  • Contact details: T0032 (0) 470 61 60 56 or at [email protected]
  • Website: The Old Cheese Factory

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8980 Zonnebeke

T0032 (0)470 61 60 56
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