On 30 October 1917, the Fourth Canadian Division attacks from the south towards Passchendaele. In the process, the 85th Battalion, also known as the Nova Scotia Highlanders, put up a fierce fight at the spot where today this monument commemorates them.

The 85th battalion

The 85th Battalion tries to defend the flank of the groups attacking Passchendaele. It succeeds and occupies the eastern flank of the ridge while the 72nd and 78th Battalions to their left take Crest Farm and the southern edge of Passchendaele respectively. But losses are very high.  The battalion loses 391 of the 688 men who enter the battle. Even before the end of the war and their return to Canada, the battalion erects a memorial column at the furthest point they had reached during the battle.

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Landscape at war Estimated distance: 0.83 Km
Canadian Memorial Crest Farm Estimated distance: 0.87 Km
Lieux de mémoire Estimated distance: 0.91 Km