Menus ‘Day Trips for Groups’ 2022


  • Coffee, tea (with refill) and 1 butter cake €4.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with refill), 1 butter cake & 2 pistolets with ham and cheese €7.50/person

School picnic

Consumption pupils (soft drinks) €2,00/pupil.

Picnic conditions

  • Payment cash on arrival by 1 of the teachers (€2/pupil). Afterwards, pupils can take their seats and orders are taken.
  • Teachers order and pay for their consumption separately.

Hot meals (excluding drinks)

The following fresh soups are offered:

  • Fresh soup of the day – Chicken breast with mushroom cream sauce, croquettes and salad mix €15.00/person
  • Fresh soup of the day – Flemish pork chops with fries and salad mix €16.00/person
  • Fresh soup of the day – Pork tenderloin with pepper cream sauce, croquettes and salad mix €16.00/person
  • Fresh soup of the day – Baked salmon with white wine sauce, fries and salad mix €16.00/person

Conditions for hot meals

  • The group makes one choice in terms of main course.
  • The main course can be replaced by an equivalent vegetarian dish at the same price at the group’s request.
  • Supplement coffee (no refreshments) possible at €2/person.
  • Free meal (excluding drinks) for bus driver and guide service for tourism Zonnebeke.
  • Free meal (excluding drinks) for the group’s own guide. This per tranche of 25 paying persons.

Tommy Tucker Menu

This menu excludes drinks, except coffee and tea. There is fresh soup of the day, Passchendaele Pie (Tommy Tucker) – coffee, tea without refreshments with Tommy Cake. This works out at €14.00/person.


Excluding drinks.

  • Farmhouse bread with Passchendaele cheese, cooked ham and salad mix €11.00/person
  • Farmhouse bread with Passchendaele cheese, cooked ham, Zonnebeek long fingers and salad mix €12.00/person
  • Farmhouse bread with a variation of 5 kinds of cheese and salad mix €12.00/person
  • Spaghetti bolognese €12.00/person

Additional drinks

Only possible in combination with one of the above menus.

  • Soft drink or lager €2.00/person
  • Soft drink, lager or Passendalebier/The Great Beer Passchendaele €3.00/person
  • Consumption of your choice (tip: Clio – Castalia beers Zonnebeke) €4.00/person
  • Water on the table, 1 glass of house wine and coffee/tea (without refill) after the meal €7.00/person


  • Coffee/tea (with accompaniment) €2.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with topping up) and cake €5.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with topping) and 2 fresh pancakes with sugar €6.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with topping up) and Zonnebeekse Zonnetaart €8.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with topping up) and Witch’s Pie €9.00/person
  • Coffee/tea (with supplement) and Witch’s Pie €9.50/person