Tourist office Zonnebeke

Berten Pilstraat 5A
B-8980 Zonnebeke

T 0032 (0)51 77 04 41

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You take the train to Ypres and then bus number 94 (Ieper - Passendale - Roeselare). You get off at the stop Zonnebeke 'Plaats'. This bus stop is situated in the heart of Zonnebeke. The museum and the tourist office are centrally located in the chateau grounds.  


From Kortrijk, you drive on the A19 towards Ypres (Ieper), where you take ‘afrit 4’ (Exit 4) (Ieper - Heuvelland - Zillebeke). At the end of this exit, you take a right to the following roundabout where you take the first exit in the direction of Zonnebeke (Ipresstraat). After approximately 200 m along Ipresstraat, you turn right into the Berten Pilstraat. You can park there in one of the two carparks. 


The Tourist Office is easily accessible by bicycle from all the boroughs. The Stroroute and the Spoorlijn 64, being a green cycling route between Ypres and Roeselare, will bring you to about 300 meters from the centre.
From this route, you take the Langemarkstraat, at the café Spoorlijn 64, and continue towards the church of Zonnebeke. On the left, next to the church, you continue cycling up to the Château domain which is located right in the centre.
You simply park your bicycle at the bicycle parking next to the Château. There are two free charging stations to power up your electric bicycle.


In the Berten Pilstraat, there are two spacious car parks located level with house number 5 (Car Park 1) and house number 18 (Car Park 2). Take note! Parking 1 is a blue zone! (You can park for a maximum of 3 hours with a parking disc.)

There is also a parking area for coaches. Take note! You may park there for a maximum of thirty minutes. Coaches can drop off and collect their group there. In the interim, you must park coaches in the Roeselarestraat (level with house number 29).

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