Polygon Wood

Bomen in PolygoonbosThe Polygon Wood (or Doelbos) is situated on the Middle West Flemish ridge. The wood is a paradise for humans and animals. There is play area for children and you can take wonderful walks along the lovely meadows. The wood hut is the ideal spot if you need to shelter from the rain. This wood is also the perfect place to see a variety of animals: birds of prey, hares, foxes etc. It is one of the region’s most important breeding grounds for birds of prey. The bats guard the wood at night. The pools are a perfect biotope for frogs, salamanders and dragonflies. The First World War is never far away in our region. In this serene environment, there lies the smaller Polygon Wood Cemetery and Buttes New British Cemetery. You can even discover the remains of a few bunkers hidden away deep in the greenery: Scott Post and New Zealand Bunkers.  

A bit of history 
These woods are what are left of a large forest once in the possession of the Abbey of Zonnebeke and Convent at Nonnenbossen. The area was already being used by the military in the 19th century and it is where they constructed a shooting range and eventually a large horseracing track. During the first year of war, the front came to a halt here. The Germans built bunkers and hideouts at this location. The 1st Australian Division and 5th Australian Division eventually took it in 1917.
Practical information
You can park your car at the new spacious carpark at the corner of Citernestraat and Lange Dreve. Go exploring via a marked out walking route in the woods. With your kids, discover the secrets of the woods through a mysterious scavenger hunt. If you have any questions or require more information, contact the duty ranger. The wood is situated on a cycle route intersection. 
Download here  the map of Polygon Wood.
Polygon Wood Buttes