Group lunch

Menus for group day trips – 2019 - on request


  • Coffee/tea (with refill) and a butter biscuit:        €4.50/person
  • Coffee/tea (with refill), a butter biscuit and & 2 hard bread rolls with ham and cheese €7.50/person


  • Consumption for pupils (soft drink):                  €2.00/pupil


  • On arrival, payment in cash by one of the teaching staff (€2/pupil). After which the pupils take a seat and the orders are taken.
  • Teachers order and pay for their consumption separately.

WARM MEALS (excluding drinks)

  • Chicken fillet with mushroom cream sauce, croquettes and salad mix €15,00/person
  • Flemish pork chops with French fries and salad mix  €16,00/person
  • Pork tenderloin with pepper cream sauce, croquettes and salad mix €16,00/person
  • Baked salmon with white wine sauce, fries and salad mix €16,00/person


  • Starter: the warm meal ALWAYS starts with a fresh soup of the day.
  • The group makes one choice for main course
  • Supplement coffee possible at € 1.00 / person.
  • Free meal (excluding drinks) for bus driver and guide of the Zonnebeke Tourism Office

TOMMY TUCKER MENU (excluding drinks)

  • Fresh soup of the day – Tommy Tucker – Coffee/tea with Tommy Cake       €14.00/person


  • Peasant bread with Passendal cheese, boiled ham and salad mix €11,00/person
  • Peasant bread with Passendal cheese, cooked ham, Zonnebeekse long fingers and salad mix €12,00/person
  • Peasant bread with a variation of 5 types of cheese and salad mix €12,00/person
  • Passsendaler burger and salad mix €12,00/person


  • Coffee / tea (with refill) €2,50/person
  • Coffee / tea (with refill )and cake €5,50/person
  • Coffee / tea (with refill) and 2 fresh pancakes with sugar €6,50/person
  • Coffee / tea (with refill)  and Zonnebeekse Zonnetaart €8,50/person
  • Coffee / tea (with refill) and Heksenijstaart €9,00/person
  • Coffee / tea  (with refill) and Heksentaart €9,50/person

DRINKS SUPPLEMENT (only in conjunction with one of the above meals)

  • Soft drink or lager €2.00/person 
  • Soft drink, lager or Passendale beer/The Great Beer Passchendaele €3.00/person 
  • Drink of your choice (tip: Rex Artus)   €4.00/person
  • Table water, one glass of house wine and coffee/tea (no refill) after the meal  €7,00/person

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