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Passchendaele cheese

You may not know this classic yet, but when you do, you will most certainly become an instant fan. This golden yellow, creamy cheese in its natural white crust is internationally celebrated. The love for the craft of cheese making is clear from the soft texture and full flavour. It is ideal as a snack or with an aperitif. Passchendaele cheese has various derivatives, such as Père Joseph and Wijnendaele. 


Passchendaele beer

This amber coloured beer, with an alcohol percentage of 5.5%, is brewed with various malt varieties, making many a Passchendaele resident’s mouth water. This beer is currently only available at the Old Cheese Factory in Passchendaele.

Beselaars Heksenbier (Beselare Witches’ Beer)

This tangy, blonde thirst quencher of 6.5% was developed for the Witch Parade in Beselare and it is brewed according to an old recipe. Allow yourself to be bewitched! If you prefer something a little sweeter then try a Witches’ Cocktail. 

The Great Beer Passchendaele

"When opening a bottle of Passchendaele, please hold a minute of silence to commemorate those who fell on the battlefield." The commemorations of the Battle of Passchendaele are kept alive with Passchendaele, The Great Beer. This half litre, at 5.2%, refers to the British standard measure, the 'pint', while the style of the label and packaging evoke the spirit of the times of the First World War. Taste the tangy aftertaste thanks to a blend of Belgian hop, brewed in the front region itself.

Sweet sins ... give in to temptation!
  • PralinesHeksenpralines (Witch pralines):  those with a sweet tooth enjoy these witchy delights in white, brown or black chocolate with a delicious witchy filling: 6 fillings: ‘crème of advocaat’, vanilla, passion fruit, caramel, pineapple and crunchy praline. Available from Bakkerij Carrein.
  • Heksentaart (Witch Cake): a crunchy base filled with vanilla pudding, cream and raspberry pieces finished with a light almond biscuit and white marzipan. Available from Brood en Banket Wouter.
  • TaartHeksentaart: puff pastry with pastry cream and fruit concentrate (apples or dark cherries) with cream and biscuit. Available from Bakkerij Carrein.
  • Bezemtaart (Broom cake):  a crunchy base filled with vanilla pudding, cream and banana pieces finished with a light almond biscuit and pink marzipan. Available from Brood en Banket Wouter.
Tommy Tuckermaaltijd tommy tucker tijdens platoon experience

A typical one-pan dish from the First World War with corned beef, potatoes and vegetables. This soldiers’ fare is served in a mess tin during the Platoon Experience. Highly recommended! If you are not adventurous enough for the ‘Experience’, you can find the dish on various menus in a number of Zonnebeke eateries. Request the list from the Tourist Office.

Farm Produce

Farm produce is also popular in Zonnebeke. Nothing is as tasty as vegetables, fruit and dairy coming straight from the farmer; it stands for authenticity and is a must for young and old. Farm produce is in. It is an unmissable treat for every food connoisseur, so enjoy one of our farm products and regional products!