Nonnebossen Hiking Trail (8 km)


Start and parking: Polygon Wood, Lange Dreve, 8980 Zonnebeke

The thematic 'Nonnebossen hiking trail’ focuses on the history of the once vast woods between Zonnebeke and Ypres. In the beginning of the 12th century, a prosperous abbey, by means of a lot of donations, was founded in those woods. The abbey burned down, of which only the related farmstead remained after the iconoclasts had violently cracked it down for the third time. The farmstead and the surrounding 'Passchendaele Fields’ undergo a lot of changes during the 19th century. The WWI devastation came shortly after the imposing Veldhoek Chateau was completed. The Nonnebossen mark the spot where the German advance on the Western front was successfully and definitely aborted and where the war of the trenches started. The circuit links the different sites on the trail.

A map of the hiking trail can be found at the information panel at the starting point. The route is signposted with hexagonal signs and the information of specific sites is displayed on information panels, in four languages, along the trail.
The walking map can be purchased at the Tourist Office in Zonnebeke at a price of €1.50/map.