Adventure trail

Welcome to the adventure trail of Zonnebeke! Are you ready for it ? The white arrows show you the way!

You hike, climb or scramble all the way by using pedestrian bridges, tree trunk stepping paths, ropes courses throughout the château grounds.

And … you will be rewarded by stunning panoramas of the charming area.


Feel free to cavort, run, play as much as you want and don’t forget to spot the animals and plants on the lawns, the ponds and coves, the woodlands and pine forests and the farmland.


Rules to be observed

  • Don’t cause any damage to the playground equipment
  • Show respect to nature : it is home to the animals and plants
  • Dispose of your trash at home or throw it into the litter bins
  • Be responsible and keep it safe while playing
  • The grounds are not meant to be used as a doggy toilet. Be hygienic and pick up the trash.


Damage ? Comments ? We are all ears via

Adventure trail