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PionierPioneer car route

Nowadays, the Westhoek forms a cross-border region with France, Wallonia and Flanders. There were no borders during the war; the Flemish Wervik and the French Wervicq-Sud were one and the same municipality. Many German ‘Pioniere’ (pioneers) or combat engineers stayed behind this German front. They were responsible for constructing and maintaining the trenches, bunkers, munition depots and field hospitals etc. Daily life in this occupied region was tough for the inhabitants. The British, Irish, Australians and New Zealanders in particular, were positioned on the western side of this front.

The Pioneer car route is 75 km long and fully signposted. The accompanying brochure can be purchased from the Zonnebeke Tourist Office (€6.00). 

Other routes

The In-Flanders-Fields route and the Rodenbach route are two car routes going through Zonnebeke:

  • The In-Flanders-Fields route is a car route covering 82 km that is fully signposted. The route explores the Southern Westhoek and takes you past numerous relics and monuments from the First World War. It starts in Ypres.
  • The Rodenbach route is a 64 km signposted car route. The route allows you to get to know the vast surroundings of Roeselare and it pays homage to Albrecht Rodenbach, poet and Flemish supporter. It starts in Roeselare.